Public Holidays:
January (1st) New Year’s day, Betico Day (Jan 25th)

March 18th- National Anthem and Flag Day

April 1- April fool’s Day, Queens Day (30th)

June 24th –Dera Gay

November 11- Carnival Season

Dec 5th Sinterklaas

Special Holidays:

•    January 2nd: Inaugural Boat Rowing Regatta
•    January 22nd: Antigua Yacht Club – Round the Island Race
•    February 12th & 13th: Jolly Harbour Yacht Club-Valentine's Day Regatta
•    February 21st-26th: Royal Ocean Racing Club Caribbean Offshore Race
•    February 26th: Rotary Club of Antigua & Barbuda Scotia Bank Golf Tournament
•    February 26th: SHRC Dressage Competition
•    March 12th & 13th: Antigua Yacht Club – Antigua International Laser Open
•    April 13th: Ministry of Tourism Annual Model Boat Race Competition
•    April 14th – 19th: 24th Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta
•    April 24th – 29th: 44th Antigua Sailing Week
•    April 25th: Annual Antigua Tennis Week at Curtain Bluff Hotel
•    May 28th: International Anglican Food Fair
•    June 4th – 11th: St. Paul's Cultural Festival
•    June 9th – 13th: Barbuda's CARIBANA
•    June 10th – 12th: 45th Antigua & Barbuda Sports Fishing Tournament
•    June 12th: Golf Tournament
•    June 13th: The Antigua & Barbuda Marlin Classic
•    July 22nd – August 2nd: 54th Antigua Carnival Celebrations
•    September 10th: The 8th Annual DeJam DJ Festival
•    September 10th: Frankie Nunes Memorial Fishing Tournament
•    September 10th: Rotary Club of Antigua Sundown Fundraising Golf Tournament
•    October 31st: Heritage (National Dress) Day
•    November 1st: 29th Anniversary Ceremonial Parade & Independence Food Fair
•    November 12th & 13th: Jolly Harbour Yacht Club –Annual Regatta
•    December 4th – 10th: 50th Antigua Charter Yacht Show (Industry Show)