Public Holidays:

•    January 1st: New Year's Day
•    February 7th: Independence Day
•    April 22nd: Good Friday *
•    April 25th: Easter Monday *
•    May 1st: Labour Day
•    June 13th: Whit Monday *
•    June 23rd: Corpus Christi *
•    August 1st: Emancipation Day
•    August 8th & 9th: Carnival Days *
•    October 25th: Thanksgiving Day
•    December 25th:  Christmas Day
•    December 26th: Boxing Day

Special Events:

February 7th – Independence day.

April 26th -28th – Carricou Maroon and String Band Music Festival

May 1st -Labor day, White Monday (20th), Corpus Christi (30th)

August 5th – Emancipation Day, Carnival Monday (12th), Carnival Tuesday (13th)

September1st - Kirani Day (not a holiday)

October 16th- 20th – Aunty Tek Spice Word Festival, Thanksgiving Day (25th)

November 29th- Dec 1st- Camerhogne Folk Festival (folk groups and performances during major National festival and other cultural events)

December- Christmas