Public Holidays:

•    January 1st: New Year's Day
•    April 22nd: Good Friday *
•    April 25th: Easter Monday *
•    May 22nd: Slavery Abolition Day
•    June 2nd: Ascension Thursday
•    June 13th: Whit Monday *
•    July 14th: Bastille Day
•    August 15th: Assumption Day
•    November 1st: All Saints Day
•    November 11th:Armistice Day
•    December 25th: Christmas Day

Special Holidays:

•    March 5th-9th: Carnival
•    March 24th-28th: Governor's Cup Caribbean air Challenge
•    May 9th-15th: Culinary Week of Sainte-Marie
•    July 9th-22nd: 40th Cultural Festival of Fort-de-France
•    July 10th-18th: Cycling tour of the Martinique
•    July 31st – August 7th: Martinique Yawl Boat Race
•    August 12th-15th: Biguine Jazz Festival
•    November 27th: Half Marathon of Fort de France
•    December 9th-11th: Transmartinique