The Royal Gazette, founded in 1828, is the only daily newspaper in the island nation of Bermuda.


ReachCaribbean can place media in all of the top newspaper companies in the Caribbean region. In most markets in the Eastern Caribbean there are at least 3 – 4 major publications. The larger markets usually have a daily newspaper and in the smaller markets newspapers may be only published weekly. In some cases a bi –weekly publication is distributed.

Newspapers are sold in p.c.i. (per column inches) and p.c.c. (per column centimeters). One market sells based on per agate centimeters.

Standard sized ads are often dictated by the newspapers. In the larger markets like Trinidad, Jamaica and Barbados other flexible sizes are the norm.

The leading newspaper in Barbados offers creative advertisement size options (step and circle configurations to name just two). This is the only newspaper in the region that offers this unique service. Some newspapers in the region also entertain wraps over the paper but these require a good bit of notice since a different stock of paper may be used (gloss or high-white or bond).

All of the newspapers are separated in various sections. In Jamaica certain types of advertisements such as vacancy advertisements may only be run in Employment section of the paper.The larger newspapers in the region publish special publications that are inserted in the papers FREE of charge to the consumer. These may include sections that target specific demographic groups, seasonal publications or special interest areas. These include publications such as Hurricane Supplements, Women publications, Sports Editions and Business supplements.

The specifications for the preparation of finished artwork (FAW) will be supplied by your assigned Sales Executive.

Deadlines for submission of artwork must be strictly adhered to